The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.
- Albert Einstein


___ . . . that's where the drama of our lives is played out. The people and places we encounter are drawn on the pages of our existence with each passing breath, and the pages turn so quickly they often create the illusion that they move not at all. I have long been intrigued by the mystery of it all. When we encounter a new face or a place in which we feel at home, we never know what the future will bring. Will that person or place truly be home, or will the page turn, the image never again to appear?
____ We go through virtually every minute of each day either experiencing or choosing not to experience people and situations. What is it that draws our attention to some while we fail to notice others? And what is the force that tells us in that initial instant that this one will be eternal?
____ Some of these fleeting moments are just too priceless to go by unnoticed. It is my hope that the stories here will serve as a sort of bookmark in the pages of my experience; a means to somewhat slow down the passage of time just long enough to catch a glimpse. Whether they carry a message or merely record a moment once enjoyed, I hope they will in some way inspire you to create your own bookmarks in your own experience.

The "Life" Stories
The "Love" Stories
The "Laughter" Stories

"Always a Nice Day"*

"A Child's Eyes Are Always Looking Upward"

"My Field of Dreams"

"The Football"

"The Song of Freedom"*

"To Dream"

"The Miracle of Music"*

"The Dance"

"The Endless Race"


"You Helped Me Grow"


"An Unlikely Mentor, A Magic Touch"

"A Quiet Last Gasp"

"Heart of a 'Head-Banger' "

"Remembering Kim"

"I Saw That!"

"Benji and Rusty and the Carousel of Time"

"Joyous Shouts"


* = My personal favorites

"A Comforting Song"

"Guarded Gratitude"

"Tender Goodnights"

"The Question Beneath the Quest"

"Nature's Gift"

"Songs of the Day"

"The Timeless"

"Richard, Arif, Kahlil ... and Doug"

"The Mountaintop Wedding"*

"Accidents Will Happen"

"Show Stoppers"

"The 'Bud' Bowl"

"Not a Single Drop"

"Boomer Sooner?"

"The Family Trip"

"Meet Hugh Moore"

"Nanny, Nanny, Boo-Boo"