The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.
- Albert Einstein


Welcome to the Trill House

This site is dedicated to the creative process and serves as an outlet to organize and share my creative endeavors. It is my hope that this site can serve as a beacon of beauty.

Years ago, when I began to recognize that I had some things I wanted to say, I came across the "Life 101" series by Peter McWilliams. He published his own books and tapes under the name, "Prelude Press." I was amazed at his practice of sharing his writings openly, often simply giving them away. Inspired by his spirit, I dreamed of my own Prelude Press. So the idea of “The Trill Press” began to take root. At the time, I was bouncing around an idea that involved the concepts of the triune “Life, Love, and Laughter.” I called them the 3 L’s, though some friends questioned why I omitted “Learning” and I myself am deeply moved and intrigued by “Light.” Leo Buscaglia had already written the remarkable “Living, Loving, and Learning,” and I see learning as growth; indeed Life! As for Light? Why not build a Lighthouse? A beacon of Life, Love, and Laughter! So “The Trill House” was born – The Tri-L L(ight)House.

As a professional musician, it is impossible for me to remove the profound inspiration and influence music has had on my life from any form of creation in which I participate. The fact that a trill is a musical ornament is a fortunate synchronicity, and it stands clear to me that music herself is Life’s ornament.

I once told a friend that my life could be summed up in one simple statement; “The relentless pursuit of beauty.” I am still in the process of determining to what extent that comment may have been overstated. But I sure love the sound of it. So The Trill House is nothing more and nothing less than a vehicle for that pursuit.

In the final analysis, it matters not on whom this beacon shines. It only matters that I broadcast it. If I am so fortunate as to share it with you, then I will experience a joy too profound to express. The lighthouse keeper is at work, the beam is cast forth. As the darkness subsides I find myself strangly aLive, in Love, and filled to overflowing with Laughter.

Paul Stephens– September 2004