The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.
- Albert Einstein


When the idea of the 3 L's first came about, it was to be a collaborative project with a friend. We began working on a sort of "self-help" (I despise that label) work. One early title of the work was "Living Life 'Inside Out'," but we quickly cane to find that the term "inside out" was becoming widely used. Stephen Covey even registered the term. (I wonder if the makers of delicate fabrics have to pay royalties on its use on their garment care tags?) The working title then became "Living Life Passionately," but that title is very much like a Sam Keen book. Our premise was based on a concept I first heard at a seminar given by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser. The concept consisted of a continuum that stated that our thought control our feelings which in turn control our actions, which form our habits, which create our character, which determines our destiny. In short, our thoughts determine our destiny. When I formulated some ideas and decided to pursue the project, I contact Dr. Tim and asked about the source of his continuum. He stated that it was a composite of the teachings of Stephen Covey®, Wayne Dyer, and Anthony Robbins. This came as no real surprise as I am familiar with and draw from the works of all three, having actually met Dr. Dyer.
I have included the rough (very) draft of all the work I have done on this project, though nothing has been done in several years. I have not included the example my collaborator contributed at this time.
Click HERE for the rough draft.