The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.
- Albert Einstein


_____The creation of "She is..." is actually a very long story. To spare the details, I will just say that it evolved over a period of years as more and more events and inspirational moments occurred. It is a mostly musical tribute to those character traits that I believe are sorely underestimated in our world. Part of the evolution of the project stemmed from the growing understanding that the qualities I speak of are inherent in the personality makeup of women, and far too often non-existent or under-emphasized in men.
_____At the time the idea arose to create this collection, I was becoming increasingly inspired by a number of women who held these issues dear to their hearts. I will not call them “feminists” as this term would take me far from the intended mark. I would rather call them inspirational livers of life. There was no agenda in their living, only freedom to the call to be fully themselves.
_____Perhaps the final inspiration to begin this project came when I was introduced to two somewhat controversial films that dealt with (among other things) the issue of oppression. “The Piano” and “Like Water for Chocolate” each affected me in a very unexpected, profound, and mysterious way.
_____I don’t recall the early steps in the creation of the compilation, only that I had already written several songs that seemed to fit the topic, though none were originally intended for such a purpose. The most notable example is “A Long Way to Fall.” The song was originally written as a lament over the “Keeping up with the Jones” syndrome and the problem of peer pressure. Other songs were inspired and created especially for the project, and a few melodies were set to new lyrics that fit the subject matter.
____I don’t know if I will ever find the time to record all of the songs. It is such a long and tedious process. Several are in various stages of readiness, and a few have been captured in very primitive and low-quality recordings.
____Here you will find all of the lyrics and the draft of what was to be the narration. If I ever record this project, I feel certain that I will make wholesale revisions to the “talk” sections.

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